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Follow Up Email - Discounts

Hey James (correct name),

I just wanted to follow up with you.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you the other day ! 

We are getting close to launching (name the dashboard) and would so love to include your restaurant (name industry) in our directory.  It looks like we will be sending out this River Walk Experience Dashboard (rename to fit) to over 500k people on their phones via text and email by end of December, with potential for millions by the end of the year.  We are working with some amazing organizations and when we present it, we have yet to be turned down to become part of their affiliate 'add value' program. We are adding thousands of participants monthly.   It's very, very cool.  

Anyway, I have included a link so you can see how the River Walk food and bars (customize) are shaping up.  

CUSTOMIZE link We would SO LOVE to include yours!!  

If you would like to participate all we need to do is get you signed up.  You can do so by clicking the next link.  If you would like me to come by and help you get started, just let me know.


Just a reminder, it is only $100 one time set up for each custom

, interactive dashboard for your business and then $99 a year (about $8.50 a month) !  

We look forward to doing business with your great place!

Lori Hagee (your signature)

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