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Your Cold Call Using The Video

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to call and manage your book of business.


Identify Your Lane

What that means is decide on ONE directory. Decide on ONE category. Go hard until you fill category up with the TOP 10.

The best cold market you can farm is Group On. Go snag their vendors in your category and your directory city.

Your Cold Call



My name is _________ & I am with a company in San Antonio called ND2NO NETWORK. ND2NO is an online REFERRAL directory used by 100's of 1,000's of customers in the city and you were recently referred to us by one of your peers.

We only allow the Top 10 in each category to get in and we would like you to consider being one if you have any interest. (slight pause)

(try to get a response)

That's fantastic, We think you will be a great fit.

I have a 2 minute video that can explain

it much easier than I can on this call. If you have

a cell I can send it to you right away or if you would

rather, I can send it to your email.

(wait for their response with info)

Thanks so much. The category you've been referred to

will most likely be full within 7 days. This whole platform moves very quickly

once we open it up. Would it be okay if I reach out to you

tomorrow afternoon? I can answer any questions you might

have or get the information we would need if you are ready to launch.

We move fast here at ND2NO and my follow up call will take less than 5 minutes.

Sound good? (pause)

Again, thank you so much and I really look forward to visiting with you


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